Gmail Dark Mode now available for Mobile devices

Gmail is a popular communication portal owned and managed by Google. In every update, Google tries to shows off unique features in it. But never add the option for enabling the Dark Mode. Finally, it is confirmed that Google will add the option for enabling the Dark Mode in Gmail. Since most of the recent application has access for enabling the Dark Mode, Gmail will also feature this option for Android devices.

The Gmail Dark Mode works finely in Gmail v2019.06.09.253132566. Now Gmail will have the eye-friendly dark UI on it.

In the recent version, you will not get the direct menu option for enabling the dark mode. In order to enable the dark mode in your Android phone, you need to hover into the App’s settings which is not the user-relevant feature.

You can download the Gmail APK now and try out the dark mode features but it is still in developing mode so it’s better to wait for the final version of Gmail from the Google. In the upcoming Gmail update, you may get the dark mode in your Android device.