Google AI features can scan your eyes to predict heart disease.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology ruling over the world.

Google AI features can scan your eyes to predict heart disease.

AI(Artificial Intelligence ) technology is one of the most growing technology now in the world. Most probably, every new research, invention is somehow based on AI. No matter whatever the technology evolved in the world. AI never gonna miss the co-ordination with such technology innovation and research. Excellent camera features, Driving car without driver, humanoid robot all are invented based on AI technology.

Similarly, here comes a googles new technology which is also based on AI. This technology helps the doctor or any hospital to know the heart disease of patient by scanning the patient eyes with the help of AI technology, don’t be shocked but it’s real and google is success to implement it. Google already tested this technology over 3 lakhs people.

Along with the heart disease, this AI technology helps doctor to identify any disease that the patient suffers by scanning the retina of his/her eyes. This technology also  reveals the real truth about the addiction in different health injurious products (like, smoking, drugs, alcohol etc), age of patient and level of plasma in our body. If this technology is 100% ready to implement, then there is going to be a new change in the medical field all over the world.

The research is done by google with the help of different scientists who are working in Google.

Google is still researching on it for more advancement of it features and google is trying to find out, whether patient is suffering from heart attack or not.

What is AI Technology?

To make computers and machines, to function more intelligently as humans and animals is Artificial Intelligence. Study of intelligent agents is AI research.