Google and Huawei may pay up to $400 For This Smartphone Users

Google Nexus 6P was an effective handset when it was launched in 2015. This telephone was then a total bundle that highlighted an advanced camera, shocking plan, a perfect form of Android and numerous different features.

Owners of this gadget began encountering a couple of issues like boot loops, and random shutdowns very often after getting phones. Despite the battery levels, there were issues like locking and system shutdown. Talking over these issues, both the Google and Huawei organizations have settled of paying up to $400 for each client of the Nexus 6P, who can confirm the disappointments and issues of their handsets.

Manufactured by the renowned Chinese organization Huawei, Nexus 6P was Google’s last cell phone that was offered in the Nexus line before Google changed its name to Pixel. Nevertheless, after the phone was revealed, a few issues began appearing, for example, locking issue during the boot process. Furthermore, the phone was switched off in spite of having full battery power.

As a conclusion, the brand has gone to a choice of offering Pixel phones simply like a trade for the damaged phone but to those clients who obtained the cell phone genuinely from the Google Store. But, the one thing to note about this trade program is the tech monster is up for the handset trade free of cost. This means clients need not pay anything to get the Pixel cell phone in return of the Nexus device.

In 2017 after a lawsuit in the United States, a choice was made to offer $400 for all the Nexus 6P clients who confronted this issue and who demonstrated its failure. In the understanding, it was obviously referenced that client confronting issues with the Nexus 6P will get up to $325. In the mean time, the people who experienced issues where the handsets have devoured enough energy will get around $150. What’s more, the clients who confronted every one of the issues that were recorded are qualified for the all out $400 sum like remuneration for the defects.

Recently, Us blacklisted Huawei and ordered Google to withdraw Huawei’s Android license.

Source: US Blacklists Huawei