Helmet made Compulsory for Pillion Riders in Nepal

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) is set to make helmet compulsory for pillion riders on bikes.

Chief at MTPD Basanta Panta contended that the new principle has been brought as the rate of bike accidents are  high and those riding pillion lose their lives because of head damage in such accidents.

“We’ve referenced in the Transport Management charge that both the riders going on bikes should wear protective helmets. The rule will be passed within a few months and will happen inside a half year,” Panta said.

Panta further said that ISO standard helmets should be worn rather than ordinary helmets. “Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology has effectively sketched out the criteria of protective helmets. We’ll push ahead according to the criteria,” he said. “The criteria is about the outside material of head protectors, packaging structure, perceptibility of outer sounds, lock burden and visor quality among others,” he uncovered.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Office, Department of Transport Management (DoTM), Consumer Rights Forum, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) and a few specialists had a talk a few months prior to set up the criteria.

Panta asserted that there won’t be any obstacle in executing the standard.

“Nothing is greater than life. We can likewise convey new innovation to hang the protective helmets. 96 percent of passings in car crashes are that of those riding bikes. The odds of death will be lower if both the riders wear standard helmets,” he said.

Metropolitan police has made helmet compulsory  for the betterment of people living inside the Kathmandu valley.

Source: Helmets to be made mandatory even for pillion riders

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