Google to pay fine worth 5$ Billion to European Commission.

World’s best search Engine platform, Google is warned and charged the record breaking fine of(€4.34 billion) 5$ billion. European Commission charged with this fine for abusing the Antitrust law of  Android mobile operating system. European Commission gives a  90 days time to recover the penalty they have faced.

Google illegally imposed its dominant position in general internet search with the co-ordination of Android device manufacturers and mobile network operator. In a press meet, European Commission chief Margrethe Vestager, Google has illegally violated the Antitrust law by insuring that phone manufacturers to pre-install the google search and browser app (Chrome) as a condition for licensing the Google play store.

Sundar Pichai CEO of Google tweets as, “The free distribution of the Android Platform, and of Google’s suite of application, is not only efficient for phone makers and operators-its of huge benefit for developers and consumers.

With the incresase of number of internet users, Google takes benefits in marketing their products as they did by dominating the search engine. Google, also cause same thing in PC as well.

Why Google charged penalty of worth 5$ Billion:

1.Google to make every android users to pre-install the google search app and web browsing app.

2. Google, pays certain amount to Android device manufacturer and network operators for making android phone to pre-install the google search app and web browsing app.

3.Google stopped, Android device manufacturers to develop the smartphones with latest Android version and also warned, those smartphone will not get the pre-install of Google’s app.

Google has not stopped Android users to download the web search app from play store besides Google search app. Only 1% Android users uses other search apps besides Google and only 10% Android users uses other web browsing application than Google web browser.