Google 3XL to have notch at the Top and Chin at the Bottom.

Google’s Pixel line up Google Pixel 3XL is going to have the deeper notch at the Top and thick Chin at the bottom. Official website of xda-developers reveals the some new photos of all new Google Pixel 3XL. With that reveals it is confirmed that, 3XL is going to have the deeper notch at the Top, Chin at the bottom and narrow bezels at the side. Aside the notch at the top, phone also seems to have the dual front facing cameras. The leak picture shows off the Google Pixel 3XL in white color model, which doesn’t seems to be attractive. There is many android phones in outside world, which have the thinner chins and looks sleeker than that of Pixel 3XL in leak photos.

Besides Cameras and looks, in the forums of XDA developers updated the some internal specs that phone is going to have. Google Pixel 3XL may come with the 4GB of RAM and either 128GB or 64GB of internal storage. Also the phone is going to powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip. The leaks specs quite seems to be OK.

At the back face of the phone, along with the rear facing camera, the phone is going to have the rear-mounted fingerprint sensors below the single sensor camera setup. Also the phone supports the wireless charging  and featured OLED front screen.

In the back month, XDA Developers also reveals the Google Pixel 3XL in black model. But the official news related to Google Pixel 3XL and Google Pixel 3 has not reveal yet. Check out the leaks of Google Pixel 3XL in the month of June.

Side View of Google Pixel 3XL:

Google Pixel 3XL may supports the wireless charging.

How many of you are eagerly waiting for all new Google Pixel 3XL and Pixel 3? Google may released the Google Pixel 3XL in the month of October. May in upcoming three months we will able to get the three flagship models from the Top brand. August, Samsung launching the Samsung Galaxy Note, September, iPhone about to reveal the iPhone X Plus and October is the month where Google to release Google Pixel 3XL.