Google Pixel 4 Leaked Information

Google Pixel 4 captured on real photos. Following the renders of Pixel 4, real photos of the new flagship smartphone from Google appeared on the network.

Google Pixel 4 Leaked Information

Pictures show the design of the device, confirming the rumors that appeared earlier. Google pixel 4 live photos submitted by the 9 to 5 Google portal feature Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL.

The design of the back side of the device completely coincides with what Google showed the other day. In the upper left corner, there is a square block with a double main camera, a flash and an additional sensor on top.

According to the available information, the third module is a spectral sensor, the purpose of which is not yet clear. It can also be noted that the smartphone is in a protective case, strongly reminiscent of the fabric that Google produces for all the latest generations of “pixels”.

This further indicates that the photo is indeed the future Pixel 4. At the moment, one of the main mysteries regarding Pixel 4 is the design of the front side.

According to one version, it may have a hole in the screen for a dual front camera, while other sources claim that the smartphone will get a larger top frame, which will have a speaker, front cameras and sensors for scanning faces.

Launch date and Price

Other features, characteristics, price and launch date of the smartphone are not officially announced.

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