Here are 5 features we are waiting in iOS 12.

Apples update in iOS 12 will surely going to change the looks of your iPhone. Apple ‘s iOS 12 developer beta version is now available to update in your iPhone. If you are looking for the public beta version, you need to wait likely till June 26. Or if you want the finalize version of iOS 12 you will need to wait likely for September.

iOS 12

Here are 5 features we are waiting in iOS 12


Now as similar to Android, you can group the similar notifications in a single stack. This update in iOS 12 makes your Lock screen much cleaner. You can swipe to across to open or del the notifications like in iOS 11.


Now, with this update, you can change or modified the facial features on your own choice. Such like, you can change the hair color, skin tone and even your age.Similar to Animoji, Memoji uses your FaceID to capture the facial expressions.

Screen Time:

Now you will know, how much time Did you invest yourself in using the single apps. Also pops off the Top apps you are using the most.

Siri Shortcuts:

Apple to add new features on their iOS so as called Siri, whch creates shortcut commands for you. For example, If you speak something like, ” Hey Siri, I wanna go for a bike ride”, then it will warns you for wearing the helmets. This features is not available in beta version.

Group FaceTime and new apps:

Now in iOS 12, you can share the ideas among 32 people who are living in different place, through a features called Group FaceTime.

And also, Apple is going to introduced measuring apps like, if you click any real world bojects with you camera, it measures it in your phone display. You can click 2D objects like paper of 3D objects like box.