How to Check EPS Topik Result for 2020

EPS Topik Result 2020

Every year thousands of Nepalese flew over Korea in search of employment opportunity. Last year more than 7,000 Nepalese were take off to Korea. Not only Nepal, every year Korea is importing the workers from the different countries around the world such as Laos, Mongolia, China, Sri-lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

EPS Topik

For the year 2020, Korea to take over 10,000 Nepalese youths from Nepal. In order to qualify for the Korean Employment opportunity, one needs to pass the EPS-Topik result.

For the year 2020, the EPS-Topik exam was held on Jestha 25 and Jestha 26, 2076. More than 92,000 Nepalese appeared in the exam but only 10,000 will qualify for the EPS intake of 2020.

  • Total number of Students: 92,256
  • Exam Appeared Students: 84,215

Out of the total appeared students 156 students gets disqualified for misbehaving and cheating during the exam time.

How to Check EPS Topik Result for 2020:

In order to check the EPS Topik Result for 2020. Visit:

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As soon as the result gets officially published, these websites upload the list of passer’s list or the candidate who are qualify for the EPS intake for 2020.