HTC Announced Vive Pro Eye VR Headset With Integrated Eye-Tracking

At CES 2019, the Taiwanese based company, HTC introduced a new variant of the HTC Vive virtual reality headset- HTC Vive Pro Eye. It comes in with the integrated eye-tracking technology and promises to deliver higher quality VR experience.
Now that the headset is made official, users may get to enjoy its features after the HTC Vive Pro Eye release date that can happen in the Q2 of 2019. This new HTC VR headset seems to be the upgrade over the last year HTC Vive Pro. The naming pattern Pro itself specifies it to be the improved version of the basic model with some integrated audio capabilities and an enhanced display. With this all-new HTC Vive Pro Eye, the company has put all its efforts to shine in the virtual reality headset business. Being a successor of the HTC Vive Pro, we can find the advanced technology integrated into the headset thus leaving the users with best VR headset experience ever.

Along with this, the company also announced unlimited subscription access which means that all the content will be available at any time. Additionally, the company unveiled a developer kit, Vive Cosmos that can be powered both on the PCs as well as mobile devices. HTC’s Dan O’Brien made it clear that this is clearly an incremental upgrade and is very much considered to be an enterprise-grade product. Thanks to the latest HTC virtual reality headset price, that classifies itself as a prosumer headset.

The new HTC Vive Pro Eye also ensures increased speed of the VR interactions and works efficiently while running computing resources. It mainly uses the “Foveat rendering” technology thus ensuring the user to focus on whatever the user is looking at in a virtual space environment. Furthermore, it also lowers the quality of the peripheral objects. Apart from rendering high-quality VR, an integrated eye-tracking mechanism is something to talk about in this HTC Vive virtual reality headset. This technology enables hands-free playtime and gives out more accessibility options to the users who are not in a position to use full-motion controllers. At times, you will be able to open menus, search the web, or pick up object just by looking at the item. The integration of eye-tracking opens up a variety of possibilities in the Virtual reality segment. The company is further showcasing eye-based controls with the help of Major league baseball app that is claimed to be MLB Home Run Derby VR that is due for launch in 2019.