Top Seven Options To Keep Your Data Safe | Cloud Storage 2019

Irrespective of the memory capacity that the mobile devices offer, it is quite impossible to store all the data. As we take numerous pictures, videos, and save files of different file formats that consume enough space. Once the storage space gets piled up automatically it affects the overall system performance. Here comes the need of a cloud storage 2019 that gives out the facility to store all those necessary data without using the phone storage. Moreover, the cloud storage services are the great option to share files and keep the documents in sync among different devices. This is the best alternative option to the local storage hardware to place the necessary content. Given the numerous best cloud storage options available, it becomes mandatory to choose wisely that offers the low-cost or in fact free cloud storage solutions and also keeps the data safe. Yes, we do have free cloud storage services as well and with the premium offering, you get access to extra storage. Normally, free cloud storage 2019 would be quite enough for many of us. Here, we will show you the best cloud storage solutions that you can prefer to store your personal data and keep it safe and secure.

Google Drive

One of the natural choice for the Android devices as it comes integrated is Google Drive. However, users from other platforms can also enjoy this feature considering the free storage option provided. Also store high definition photos using the companion app, Google photos.

The only downside is the web interface is not that user-friendly, however, the Windows and Mac users can download the desktop app to drag and drop files with ease. Initially, Google drive features 15GB free space and the premium version allows to choose for up to 30TB of space depending on your needs.


The best cloud storage solution for Apple users is iCloud. With the easy to use interface, Apple iCloud makes it easier to store and access data safely.

Users can also share data with their family and friends. Organize it accordingly so that you will never have an issue accessing the data. Furthermore, with Apple iCloud sending messages is easy and it even automatically saves them.


The free cloud storage app that is designed specially to reduce stress in the busy work schedule is Dropbox. It brings in all files and documents together and also safely synchronizes them across all devices. This makes it easier to access the data from any location.

Also, use the feature of the document scanner to turn notes, whiteboards, and receipts in PDFs. The Dropbox basic account brings in 2GB of storage space. Upgrading to premium version offers 1TB of storage space. It is the versatility and simplicity of this cloud storage app that makes it quite popular and best option.

Microsoft OneDrive

The popular Microsoft cloud storage option that works well and packs in several attractive features is Microsoft OneDrive. Being a free user, you get access to 5GB of storage space. With a subscription plan, users get the feasibility to enjoy 50GB space.

Even sharing feature is similar to other services. All you need to do is to generate a link, email a link from OneDrive site and share it on the social networking sites or embed it on the webpage. Even the transfer speeds are fast and this shouldn’t be a surprise as it is a Microsoft product.

Media Fire

Here is another easy to use free cloud storage that can be used to store documents, and photos online. The basic storage that it provides is 10GB and interestingly this free storage can be increased further up to 50GB. With tons of features included, it makes it easier to handle the stored files.

Users also have the possibility to upload multiple files at a single instance from any browser. This unique feature makes it differ from other free cloud storage 2019.

Mega Cloud Drive

With the great storage space and interface similar to the Dropbox, Mega cloud storage is another best cloud storage option to prefer. The only difference is the amount of storage space that it features.

Mega cloud storage offers 50GB of storage space and also allows users to download multiple files in Zip files. For those who are looking for an excellent backup option should definitely prefer to have Mega storage as it is equipped with several security features as well.

Amazon Drive

One of the best free cloud storage options available that allow users to store important data such as files and photos securely is Amazon Drive.

It is loaded with tons of features that make handling files easier than ever. With the perfect workflow, sharing photos, videos or any documents is quite easier. It offers 24 X 7 customer support and once you sign up, you can avail 5GB of free storage space.

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