Instagram introduces two new amazing additions

Instagram introduces two new amazing additionsbuy-instagram-likes_large

Instagram is among the most popular photo sharing social networking site. For past 6 years, it has been a  repository for users’ most picturesque moments. But for the photo sharing social network, 2016 has been a year of change. The changes have increased what Instagram allows people to do with their photos.

Now, Instagram has added to new features on Monday. The company which is owned by Facebook unveiled two new features which focus on live video and ephemeral messaging. The both features seem to be very inspired by two popular social networks Snapchat and Periscope by Twitter.

The head of product at Instagram Kevin Weil said in an interview, ‘We want Instagram to be a place where you can share all of your moments, to create a pressure-free space to do so.’

One of the new features by Instagram provide live videos. The videos can last up to an hour and it is triggered by simply swiping right from the main feed. Tapping on ‘Start Live Video’ starts the live video. Hosts are even allowed to enable or disable comments through comment control and even pin a message for everyone to see.

But for now the service of live video has been limited to short clips but Instagram informed that technology will be released worldwide during the nest few weeks.

The other feature is that users can now communicate through DM with disappearing photos and videos (like of Snapchat). These photos and videos can be shared with groups or individuals. The piece of media will vanish on it’s own once the intended person/ audiences have seen it.

Another exciting feature is that the user will be informed if someone replays the media piece or takes a screenshot of it.