Pros and Cons of rooting your Android Smartphone

Pros and Cons of rooting your Android Smartphone

Android devices provide a huge range of developer’s options. But despite that there are many options for development that have been disabled or made limited for many security purposes.

outsourcing-pros-and-consRooting is a very effective way to unlock these limitations and gain full access to you Android device. With many appealing pros of rooting, there are also some down falls of it which have been listed below.


  • When you root an Android device, you get an option of which allow you to control which apps have the access to the root system. Another option that rooting provides is that you can connect your Android phone to your computer and use your phone as a data connection. Some programs even allow you to use your Android device as a Wi-Fi hotspot without having to pay for it.
  • Normally when you install an app on your Android phone, it gets stored in your phone’s memory. But rooting allows you the freedom of moving the installed applications to your external memory i.e. SD Card. This helps to free some extra memory in your device.
  • This is the most amazing pro of rooting your Android phone. Rooting provides hundreds of ROM options that will not only help you to speed up your phone but also customize it and change the entire look and feel of your Android Smartphone.


  • The main con of rotting your phone is that it instantly voids your phone’s warranty. This means that you will not be able to claim your services even if the phone is brand new if you have rooted your Android Smartphone.
  • Rooting your Android phone increases the risk of bricking. Bricking means the phone is basically dead and is of no use and is nothing more than carrying a brick in your pocket.
  • The other con of rooting your Android Smartphone is that it slows down the performance of your device and the risk of getting viruses and malware in your device also increases drastically.