IPhone X Mini Concept, Specifications, Price And Release Date

The launch of Apple iPhone 4 introduced a front camera and radical design to the iPhone sector. Apple iPhone 6 brought in more useful and productive size classes. The next big change is the Apple iPhone X that came up with a whole new notch design and an advanced technology. Later we got to see the plus variant with a much bigger size screen. So, every year we can find a drastic change in the iPhone and makes it feel different day by day. From iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone XS Max, the major difference that we can find is the screen size. However, not all of us prefer having a large-sized screen. For those who think that smaller device seem to be more manageable, here is the alleged Apple iPhone X Mini that features a small-sized display screen. In this Apple iPhone X Mini review, we will discuss more the rumored concept of the mini model along with specifications and price.

iPhone X Mini Rumors, Specs and Concept

With the increase in the iPhone screen size gradually, most of the Apple fans found struggling to cope up with this plus-sized smartphones. Considering this condition, the popular concept model creator Dongjae “Krystofer” Kim introduced a new Apple iPhone X mini concept that features a no-frills iPhone and the screen size to be around 40% smaller than the 2018 iPhones released. We could still find a huge section of people who look for the small size Apple iPhone SE. The latest rumors suggest the Cupertino company in its plans to release the Apple iPhone SE successor that is claimed to be Apple iPhone SE 2 or Apple iPhone X mini in Asia. Apart from the smaller size, another thing that attracts in this concept model is a different range of colors.

You could find the device in attractive color shades including yellow, baby pink, green, bright red and few more. Interestingly, the model nowhere resembles Apple iPhone X or its siblings, it carries its own design and definitely would be a popular choice if introduced. So, we will just hope that Apple is already in works to release the 5-inches Apple iPhone that would be handier and can be operated using a single hand as the Apple iPhone 5. Being a compact model, even the iPhone X mini specs could be minimal and would definitely be a budget variant.

iPhone X Mini Release Date

While everyone was looking forward to the smaller size Apple iPhone X, surprisingly Apple did not introduce any with the Apple iPhone XS, Apple iPhone XS Max, and Apple iPhone XR. One of the probable reasons could be, it is quite difficult to integrate all those technologies in a smaller and compact package.

So, there are no official details of the Apple iPhone X Mini release date. However, it is not like the device will never make its debut into the market. From the new concept and rumors rendered, we can expect its release in the near future.

iPhone X Mini Price in Nepal

Since the handset is not yet made official, it is too early to predict the price of the rumored concept model iPhone X mini. If the company prefers to release the model, then it would definitely be a budget variant with a smaller display and basic specifications.