Top Five Best Face Swap Applications For Android

Smartphones are a great device with the numerous functions it proposed. Not only the communication but the basic tasks can also be done on this mini-computer however not only limited to the work, but smartphones or gadgets do also offer the entertainment and fun elements like gaming and interesting apps. One of the most downloaded and top trending app is face swapping apps, initially, it was a feature of some picture editing apps of the phones but now the wholesome of the face swap package can be downloaded separately for the multiple features and spectacular face swap techniques.

The top 5 best face swap apps for Android so keep reading to know more!!


This face swap app is completely designed to switch or alter your face with any of the other people, not only that it has other photo editing features as well to enhance the picture modification.

Interestingly it is available on Android and iOS both platforms. While its operation is very simple, as you have to select one of the faces that are already available in the device gallery and it functions on real-time as time.

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Face Changer 2

This is the ideal application for the face swap as it simply allows you to alter the face features including the eyes, noses and even the hair of the person simply to give it a funny look.

It is one of the most complete applications of its category that simply allows you to swap faces in several ways with the possibilities like changing parts of the face as well. Moreover, this awesome application has several interesting and extraordinary features like auto face change, auto selection of a face from your gallery and much more. Conversely to all its features, another thing is the swap faces in the same photo or even two different photos which make this app quite different from over other apps.

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Make me Old

The exceptional constituents and characteristics of this app depict from that its name. This face swap app is designed to imitate the age factor on the appearance.

Its operation is quite simple, as you can simply load your desired photo that you want to retouch and later work will be done by the app itself, and I bet the results will simply amaze and make you laugh moreover it has the other extra elements to add on the pictures like glasses, mustache, and beard with a realistic look.

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Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

This one of the best face swap app compatible with the Android and iOS both platforms and devices. It has all the basic tools of the face swap and editing further the interesting part is the face swap with your favorite celebrities, features advanced editing tools, preloaded skin tones, the possibility of mixing and combining facial features, and much more.

The precise system and the merger of various people face features adjustment on the single face makes it novel and intriguing.

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Face Changer Video

Here comes another face chaining app or face swap app that is much in demand.  Its structure allows you to add animated images of mouths, lips, eyes, eyebrows simply to make it look like the person is talking.

And not only that even you can also add your own voice and then modify it with several filters included moreover it’s easy to use and very entertaining app that also permits to create videos for worthy social network sharing.

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