ISP about to increase the Internet service Charge in Nepal

internet price might increases

Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Nepal to increase the Internet Service Charge by around 20%. After the Government of Nepal allocated the budget for the fiscal year 2076/77 in the different development and productive sector of Nepal, ISP’s were about to increase the Internet service charge in Nepal.

In 2075, the Government increases the tax of the internet by 13% and these service charge must need to pay by Internet Service provider, not by the one who uses the Internet. These ISP companies were expecting from Government to erase the 13% plus charge added on Tax. Since Government does not show any action about it, as a result, ISP’s are now increasing the price of the Internet.

The Internet Service charge will be increased and will be implemented from Shrawan 1st. It is the amount to be paid by Customer, not by the ISP. Last Year, ISP signed an agreement for not collecting the 13% charge from Customer which is increased by Government. As the condition of ISP is getting worse and the situation will no longer acceptable.  ISP is forced to increase the price of the Internet, said by Chairperson of ISPAN Mr.Bhojraj Bhatta.

In all over Nepal, there were 8 lakh people who were using the Internet. Because of the Internet Telecommunication service provider are also facing loss as because of the income from international traffic drastically decreases. So, this year the Internet price might increase by 20%.