Latest Price of the Internet in Nepal 2019

Nepal is one the fastest growing country in the field of Technology. As per the latest data, more than 63% of Nepalese started hovering around the internet. People either use the internet for the personal purpose such as playing games, scrolling social media or watching the media content in YouTube or people use it to make their professional life more comfortable by connecting to international clients, watching the global market trends or for staying updated. The Internet now becomes the basic need of the people living around the developed cities such as Pokhara, Kathmandu. So, In this article, we listed out the price of the Internet in Nepal. Worldlink Nepal, Vianet Nepal, Classictech and Subisu are the current private Internet Service provider of Nepal while Nepal Telecom is the government Internet Service provider of Nepal. Check out the Wi-Fi price in Nepal of different ISP.

Recently Worldlink successfully placed the Internet in the most rural area of Nepal, Hilsa, Humla stationed at 4650 meters. This is a great initiation to reach the Internet in every corner of Nepal.

Price of Internet in Nepal:

WorldLink Internet price in Nepal:

WorldLink Internet price in Nepal
WorldLink Internet price in Nepal
1 Month20 MbpsRs.1400
1 Month35 MbpsRs.1750
1 Month55 MbpsRs.2600
3 Months25 MbpsRs.4500
12 Months25 MbpsRs.15,000
3 Months40 MbpsRs.5400
12 Months40 MbpsRs.17500
3 Months60 MbpsRs.7800
12 Months60 MbpsRs.26000

Note: To know the price of Setup charge and provision of NetTV along with Internet visit WorldLink Nepal. The price of the Internet from Worldlink Nepal might fluctuate. So, stay updated with the Latest Worldlink Nepal price in Nepal.

Vianet Internet Price in Nepal:

Vianet internet price in nepal
Vianet Internet price in nepal
1 Month20 MbpsRs.1400Rs.350
1 Month30 MbpsRs.1650Rs.350
1 Month60 MbpsRs.215060 Mbps
3 Months30 MbpsRs.4500Free
3 Months40 MbpsRs.5250Free
3 Months60 MbpsRs.6450Free
12 Months30 MbpsRs.14400Free
12 Months40 MbpsRs.16800Free
12 Months60 MbpsRs.20640Free

To know about the Installation charge and more related stuff visit Vianet Nepal. The price of Internet of Vianet Nepal might fluctuate so try to stay updated.

Subisu Internet Price in Nepal

Subisu internet price in nepal
Subisu Internet Price in Nepal
Package:1 Month3 Month6 Month12 Month
20 MbpsRs.1158Rs.3323Rs.6345Rs.11490
30 MbpsRs.1358Rs.3923Rs.7544Rs.13890
60 MbpsRs.2058Rs.6023Rs.11675Rs.22290

For More Detail of price of Subisu Internet in Nepal and to know the price of Clear TV from Subisu in NepalVisit: Subisu Nepal

ClassicTech Internet Price in Nepal:

ClassicTech Internet Price in Nepal
ClassicTech Internet Price in Nepal
1 Month40 Mbps (Home Plans)Rs.692
1 Month50 Mbps (Home Plans)Rs.960
1 Month65 Mbps (Home Plans)Rs.1180
1 Month20 Mbps (Enterprise Plans)Rs.1650
1 Month30 Mbps (Enterprise Plans)Rs.2650
1 Month40 Mbps (Enterprise Plans)Rs.5100

There are certain differences you need to know in Enterprise and Home Plans of ClassicTech Nepal Internet price. Check out: ClassicTech Nepal

ADSL Internet Price in Nepal:

ADSL internet price in nepal
ADSL internet price in nepal

ADSL unlimited:

1 Month5 MbpsRs.800
6 Months5 MbpsRs.4300
12 Months5 MbpsRs.8000

ADSL Volume based:

Duration:Data Volume:Price:
1 Month15 GBRs.200
1 Month25 GB Rs.300
1 Month40 GBRs.400

Websurfer Internet Price in Nepal:

Weburfer Internet price in Nepal
Weburfer Internet price in Nepal
1 Month512 kbpsRs.900
3 Months512 kbpsRs.2619
6 Months512 kbpsRs.5130
12 Months512 kbpsRs.9720

These are the currently the Top Internet Service Provider in Nepal. Besides these there are other ISP in Nepal whih were not success to cove the market.

List of Internet Service Provider in Nepal:

Vianet Nepal
WorldLink COmmunication PVT Ltd
Subisu CableNet Pvt Ltd
First Link Communications
Mercantile Communications
CLassic Tech Pvt Ltd
Broadband Solution Pvt Ltd
Nepal Telecom ADSL service
Broadlink Networks and Communications
Loop Networks Pvt.Ltd.
Infocom Pvt Ltd
Ultranet Communications
Konnect Nepal
Himalayan Online Service Pvt Ltd
Websurfer Nepal Pvt Ltd
Techminds Network Pvt. Ltd.
Everest Link (P) Ltd.
Unified Communication Pvt. Ltd
Allied NetLink Technologies Pvt. Ltd.