Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Review Price And Release Date

Making its way towards the most technically advanced high-end devices, the smartphone manufacturer, Microsoft is paving its way to bring Microsoft Surface 7 Pro which is the most anticipated hybrid device this year. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is handy enough to carry around everywhere, whether you have an urgent meeting at the office or you are planning a world tour with your friends, this dazzling state of the art structure is there for you whenever you need it. Let’s get deeper into its specifications to get to know more about this glorious model.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Specifications

The spectacular design of this upcoming Surface Pro 7 would increase the excitement in its fans in Nepal and all other regions of the world.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Type Cover, having a remarkable fine structure and thin body claims to provide a better user experience than its previous design. Apart from enhancing its Type Cover, Microsoft is also working on its graphic interface in order to facilitate its fans in Nepal with optimum performance without any hanging issue. The tech giant is ought to bring an improvised version of its predecessor which would be worth buying for all the people who crave to have a high-end hardware in their high-tech devices to get better ergonomics. Looking at this sleek body, we are expecting it to have a magnificently large screen, approximately 12.5 inches making it practically wider than its predecessor.

If we take a look at its weight, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 weighs 50g lighter than the Surface Go with marvelous build and pitch black color showing its elegant class by making its fans in Nepal desire for it. According to some experts, Surface 7 Pro is going to astonish you with upgraded processor paving its way to 9th generation but we are still not sure as no word has been called out from the manufacturers about it.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Release Date

Though we are still not sure when Surface Pro 7 is going to surprise us with its official launch but based on some rumors, it’s going to make a stand out position by mid of 2019 as Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was also released in the last quarter of 2015. So let’s have finger crossed to experience some tech revolutions in 2019 with a delightful surprise.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Price in Nepal

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is going to offer an exclusive LTE support to its potential buyers in Nepal and other regions of the world due to its top notch attributes making you look it in awe. Stay tuned to get the official details regarding its specs and release time.