Mozilla to launch the premium version of Firefox in 2019

Mozilla Firefox is the popular and highly rated web browsers, popularly downloaded on Linux system as it comes pre-installed on it. Not only Linux users but also the Windows and Mac users prefer Mozilla Firefox as their default browser.

To integrate the advanced features in Web browsers recently, the CEO of Mozilla Chris Beard clues to launch a premium version of Firefox. So, Mozilla will launch the premium version of Firefox in 2019 (expected) with the advanced features, extensions, and add-ons. User must need to be a paid member to access the features of Premium Firefox.

Premium version of Firefox

The premium version of Firefox might come along with accessible cloud storage and integrated VPN. The browser also tries to secure personal data. Premium version of Firefox might be coming in October 2019.

Mozilla with the moto to increase the revenue aims to launch the premium version of Firefox, without restricting any of the current features. In recent time, the total income of 90% are coming from search deals with Google and the rest of the 10% are coming from different donations and advertisements. So, Mozilla stepping towards to maintain the good revenue of Company by initiating the premium version of existing Firefox.

CEO of Mozilla Chris Beard claims that their developers will try to give you out the full money worth services. To be an independent company to hold revenue, the Company must extend its limit from Cloud storage and VPN in the upcoming premium version of Firefox.

So, its a good news to all the Firefox users that they will soon get the premium version.