Ncell Night Voice Pack | Daily Night Pack

If you are Ncell’s customer, you know about the ncell night data pack. If not, here is the details about the Ncell’s night voice pack offer.
With the ncell night voice pack, you can talk just in 7 paisa per minute which is also tax inclusive. Ncell is providing night voice pack as 1 day offer or 24 hours.

PRICE: Rs. 8.78 (including tax)

MINUTES: 120 minutes

TIME TO USE: 10pm to 6am

HOW TO ACTIVATE: Dail *17118# or call to 17118 (method also applicable to other voice packs)

Validity and Reaming: Type ‘S’ and SMS it to 17118

These Voice Packs can be purchased by all Ncell prepaid customers. You can also purchase the pack from your nearest Ncell Centre, Ncell Shop or Ncell authorized POS.