Nokia 3310 (2017) is Back | Daddy is Back

Remember the Nokia 3310? They don’t make them like that anymore except they do as the classic phone from the year 2000 has been rebooted. And yes it’s bringing snake along too. After a few lean years, nokia has been relaunched and looks to the past with with stylish reinvention of the much loved phone from the early days of mobiles.
The original Nokia 3310’s iconic design is updated with smooth lines and rounded corners and it’s also much thineer than the original. Nokia fans will be pleased to see it comes in the familiar midnight blue or gray or you can choose from these very very bright new colors. Ofcourse this is no high powered smartphone, the new nokia 3310 has a color screen and can just about browse the web very slowly but that’s about as modern as it gets with 2 megapixel camera and and low resolution screen. It is designed as a simple backup phone for families or festival phone that won’t embarrass you in our instagram. Luckly the price reflects the phone simplicity costing just 49 euros in the international market also onboard is the infamously difficult game snake. Although that too has been given a colorful update.