Ncell not increasing the Telecommunication Charge after the Shrawan 1st.

Government of Nepal on the announcement of budget allocation for the fiscal year 2074/75, the internet and different Telecommunication services price was hiked and implemented from the Shrawan 1st (July 17th 2018). Government increase the Tax, which is need to pay by ISP but ISP is applying all those increased tax in the customers daily paying rates.

But, though the Government hike the Telecommunication service charge, Ncell adjusts to offer some packs in previous rate. Ncell claimed to remain and not to increased the price rate of some services and offers, though the Telecommunication charge was hiked.

Ncell Not only adjust the price rate but also add some more volume of Data Pack in the same rate.

So, Ncell Users can enjoy Data with Ncell, as they add more value in their packs and with more volume after the revision of government taxes.

  • You can get 0.75GB of Data pack for 1 day with just Rs. 39.
  • The call rate per minute is still Rs 1.99 excluding taxes.
  • More data volume with the same rate in daily, 3 day, weekly and monthly package.
  • Users can get 70MB of Data volume at Rs. 9 including 35MB 4G data volume as a Bonus

To subscribe the Ncell Data packs dial *17123#.