List of Nokia Mobiles Price and its Service centers in all over Nepal

Here is the list of Nokia Mobile price in Nepal. (MRP price)

This article is all about the Nokia Mobile price in Nepal. The price mentioned here is MRP price, so there may be slightly difference as mentioned here and market price. Along with the price in Nepal, in this article you will get to know the service center of Nokia mobile phones in Nepal.

Paramount Electronics Pvt. Ltd is the official distributor of Nokia Mobile price in Nepal.

Nokia is the oldest and most renowned brand globally. But, when other smartphones start launching the android and ios smartphones, Nokia slows down the launched of its product gradually. Nokia may be the first company to introduce the Mobile phones that is loved by maximum number of users. Still people are preferring Nokia Keypad phone rather than the android or ios smartphones. So, here is the list of Nokia Mobile price in Nepal, that you can get in 2018 in Nepal. There may be other phones still available, which we feels sorry for not mentioning over here.

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List of Nokia Mobile price in Nepal:

Nokia 7 Plus:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 46,899

Nokia 6.1:

Price in Nepal:                            Rs. 29,399 (3/32GB)                   Rs. 34,499(4/64GB)

Nokia 6:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 22,999

Nokia 5:

Price in Nepal: Rs.18,499

Nokia 3:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 13,999

Nokia 2:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 11,499

Nokia 1:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 9,325

Nokia 230:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 6,315

Nokia 3310:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 5,255

Nokia 105 (2017):

Price in Nepal: Rs. 1700

Nokia 130 (2017):

Price in Nepal: Rs. 25,00

Nokia 8:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 40,923

Nokia Lumia 435:

Price in Nepal: Rs.4,400

Nokia Lumia 532:

Price in Nepal: Rs.5,200


Nokia Service Centers in Nepal:

Location: Kathmandu

Address: Tamrakar Complex, 5th floor, New Road.

Contact: 01-4241923