Notice regarding the price hike of Telecommunication service charge.

Government of Nepal under the Periodic Tax Collection Act 2012 (1955) {Samasamayik Kar Asuli AIN 2012} allocates the budget for the year 2075/76. Along with the budget announcement for the year 2075/76,Government of Nepal hike the Telecommunication service charge, and will be implemented from the month of Shrawan.

The effect of the price hiking in the Telecommunication  sector will be implemented from July 7, 2018 (i.e Shrawan 1st). Before the budget allocation, Government is charging the 11% tax on voice call and different telecom services, but after the allocation of budget the new tax rate increased from 11% to 13%, Similarly, the internet service charge also increased and the new tax rate for internet service is 13%. This is the 2nd time, Government is increasing the tax rate in Voice call and different Telecom services.

Here is the new price rate of internet, Voice call and different government services.


Before the month of (Shrawan)


From the month of (Shrawan)


 Increased Tax rate

Voice call- NTC, Ncell, landline Rs.1000 Rs.1020 13% (2% increased)
Internet-cellular data, fiber, ADSL, Wireless Rs.1000 Rs.1130 13%
NTC GSM Prepaid Rs.1.70 (per min) Rs.1.73 2%  (+0.03)
NTC GSM Postpaid Rs. 1.13 Rs. 1.15 2% (+
Ncell Rs. 2.50 (per min) Rs. 2.55 (per min) 2%
1MB Cellular NTC Data (without package) Rs. 1.13 Rs. 1.28 13% (+0.15)
1MB Cellular Ncell Data (without package) Rs. 3.39 Rs. 3.83 13% (+0.44)
NTC Adsl Monthly Rs. 700 Rs.792 13% (+92)
Wordlink Fiber L 20 Mbps Rs. 13,560 (yearly) Rs. 15,323 (yearly) 13% (+1,763)



Total Number of NTC SIM users:  3,85,00000 above

Total Number of Broadband Internet Users: 1,43,25000 above