Photoshop Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop is among the most popular and widely used professional photo editing program. Sometime we need some shortcuts to make our work faster and easier. Below are listed some short cuts for Adobe Photoshop that can be very useful.


Photoshop Shortcuts

  1. Open a new file: Ctrl+ o
  2. Close a file/ closing Photoshop: Ctrl+ w
  3. Copy: Ctrl+ c
  4. Paste: Ctrl+ v
  5. Print: Ctrl+ p
  6. Undo: Ctrl+ z
  7. Zoom in: (+)
  8. Zoom out: (-)
  9. Saving a file: Ctrl+ s
  10. Save file as new: Ctrl+ Shift+ s
  11. Select all: Ctrl+ a
  12. Select inverse: Ctrl+ Shift+ i
  13. Merge layer: Ctrl+ Shift+ e
  14. Transfor Layer: Ctrl+ t

15.Auto Color: Ctrl+ Shift+ b

  1. Color Balance : Ctrl+b
  2. Color Inverse: Ctrl+ i
  3. Color Fill: Alt+ Del
  4. Manage Color Level; Ctrl+ l
  5. Increase brush size: (])
  6. Decrease Brush size: ([)

Shortcuts for tools (Serially)

Move: V

Marquee tools: M

Lasso tools: L

Quick Selection/ Magic wand: W

Crop and Slice Tools: C

Eyedropper/ Color Sampler/ Ruler/ Note/ Count: I

Spot Healing Brush/ Healing Brush/ Patch/ Red Eye: J

Brush/ Pencil/ Color Replacement/ Mixer Brush: B

Clone Stamp/ Pattern Stamp: S

History Brush/ Art History Brush: Y

Eraser Tool: E

Gradient/ Paint Bucket: G

Dodge/ Burn/ Sponge: O

Pen tools: P

Type Tools: T

Path Selection/ Direct Selection: A

Rectangle/ Rounded Rectangle/ Ellipse/ Polygon/ Line/ Custom Shape: U

3D Tools: K

3D Camera Tools: N

Hand: H

Rotate View: R

Zoom: Z

Default colors: D

Switch Foreground and Background colors: X

Quick Mask Mode: Q