Notice regarding the Pokhara University Scholarship Scheme for the year 2074/75

Pokhara University Scholarship Scheme. Last Date: 2075-04-25

Every year Pokhara University conducts , open written examination in order to award well-deserved candidates with the Scholarship Scheme. Recently, Pokhara University issued the notice regarding the scholarship scheme for the year 2074/75. The students from government and non-government school or college can apply for this scholarship opportunity. The PU Scholarship Selection Examination decides to award scholarships based on applicants’ credentials, economic background, examination followed by interview.

The students who is interested and wants to qualify for the Scholarship he/she needs to deposit the total amount of Rs.1000 in Nabil Bank Lt or Kamana Sewa Bikash Bank Lt. on the respective bank account.

Application deadline: 2075-04-25

How many seats are available?

There are total of 1020 seats available for the well-deserved students?

Health and Science: 87 seats
Science and Technology:

Group A: Engineering- 312 seats

Group B: Non-engineering: 55 seats

Business Management: 541 seats

Bachelors of Development Studies

Bachelors of English and Communication studies

25 seats
Total: 1020 seats


Eligibility Criteria:

Health and Science

Bachelors of Pharmacy

Bsc in Nursing, Bsc in MLT, BPH, BSc in Medical Bio-chemistry, BSc Microbiology

Minimum 2.4 GPA in Agregate

Minimum “C” grade in related subjects

Science and Technology:


Bachelor’s in Environmental Science:

Bachelors in Mobile Application:

Minimum C grade in Agrregate and related subjects
Management: BBA, BBA in Banking and Insurance, Bachelor’s of Computer Information System, Bachelor’s of HealthCare Management, BHM, BTT

At least Pass in Agregate

Minimum C grade

Bachelors of Development Studies

Bachelors of English and Communication studies

At least Pass in Agregate

Minimum C grade


How to Qualify?

In order to Qualify for the Scholarship, you need to attend the exams that are conducted by Pokhara University on the following dates:

2075-05-04 Morning 8:30 Health and Science faculty only
2075-05-04 Afternoon 2:00 Science and Technology. (Group A and Group B)
2075-05-05 2075-05-04 Management
2075-05-045 Afternoon 2:00 Social Sciene


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