How to recover lost Phone contacts number from Google.

Mobiles or smartphones, which is now has become the most usefull tools to communicate with one another. To get connected with the family, relatives and friends, Smartphones plays a vital role.

But sometime, knowingly or unknowingly we might loss the contact number which were saved inside the mobile phone or in SIM card. And to get back those numbers is impossible or really hard. So, today in this post we are going to update you that, How to recover lost Phone contact number with the help of facility provided by the google.

How to recover lost Phone contacts number from Google.

Once you saved your all contact over the google drive, you can simply recover all those numbers though you lost it. So,

How to recover contact from Google Drive.:-

Please follow the following steps to save the phone contacts in Google drive.

Step1:- Browse the Website

Step 2:- Login with your gmail account,which you first used to save your contact.

Step 3:- After you successfully sign in Click  the Menu options at the right corner of the website and look for more  options.

Step 4:- After that you will see option called undo changes. Click it.

After put the right time, where you lost the data to restore it back.

Note:- Please check within 30 days to restore the contact , otherwise it will be more difficult to return back.