Samsung Galaxy S9 !!!!Star is coming!!!

Here comes time to talk about the galaxy s9. Yes, S9 we already know about Note 8 from display to camera to battery even the announcement, which is made confirmed by the coolest Asian on the planet.

S9 :- Upcoming star

Concept by Milind Chandwe.

Samsung has already achieved that futuristic design that they wanted to introduce in the first place it’s literally the best on the market as of now so you won’t see any crazy approach with the note 8 its 90 percent based on S8 family. The only real new addition in S9 are the dual cameras and possible stereo speakers but Samsung has started working on the S9 long before the Note 8. As we have heard in a report that, they actually named this galaxy S9 development project as “star: – star 1 4 for S9 and star 2 for galaxy S9 plus” star may indicate that Samsung is going for a full screen quad curved display on all side or 4 sides at least to achieve maximum screen body ratio with almost no bezels at all.

After the few research a lot of people are concerned about where the front camera and sensor will be just like Apple, Samsung will a notch on the top that might be smaller than iPhone ace Nagy to incorporate front camera facial scanner and iris scanner and rest will be just infinity display curved on the side. The side bezels is already being removed in note 8 and Samsung will somehow get rid of bezels on the top and bottom so the notch will allow Samsung to go even further beyond the current infinity displays or any other upcoming displays. iPhone 8 is rumored to have the highest screen body ratio with that notch on the top but it’s not curved but it’s a flat a screen same thing with the g6 and  the upcoming pixel- they all are flat but Samsung has the edge thanks to the edge display that really does make a difference and looks amazing when you hold it.


Today new report came out saying that Samsung has given orders of 5.8 inch and 6.3 inch panels for the galaxy S9 and S9 plus so the size is going to be the  pretty much similar to the S8 family . The report also claims that Samsung display has received some pre specific for a 6.32 inch note 9 panel which means all of Samsung 2018 flagship phones the s9 family and the note 9 will have the same display sizes as this year flagship. The reports further states that Samsung is going to give an on-screen fingerprint scanner another  shot and it was heavily rumored that galaxy s8 will have it but Samsung failed and then same thing happen with the note 8 there were brightness issues the same problem was happened to Apple with their iPhone 8 so they decided to scrap the idea for this year flagship phones but now it’s almost certain that S9 will actually be the first flagship to have in display a fingerprint tech hopefully Samsung can take the advantage of the new technologies introduced like QUALCOMM with stainless tech working on a vivo pro-type phone that works with wet fingers as well but still not truly reliable or accurate to have in a flagship phone so it’s in development the point is they have shown us that is absolutely possible and it will happen on the galaxy S9.  LG D7 could also be the first phone to have this tag if they decide to release the G7 first in 2018 before S9 but we’ll see about that. There will be new chip in S9 based on 7 nanometer process for more power and efficiency but galaxy  s8 Samsung is introducing dual cameras does that mean we’ll see dual cameras on galaxy  s9 family as well?  Yes but with all the galaxy S9 plus next year the display size and bigger battery won’t be the only difference between the S9 and S9 plus. The dual cameras will definitely make galaxy s9 plus more compelling and it will be priced higher. This strategy is similar to apples but it needs to happen.

Of course we’re still quite a ways out from the launch of the galaxy S9 and we still have the launch of the Note 8 to look forward to next month but the S9 will bring the some things the best best ever best to the table are you willing to wait for the galaxy S9 and skip note 8 or even the iPhone 8 of this year let me know your thoughts in below comment section.