Facebook’s New product Virtual reality Headset going to launch….


Social Media Giant Facebook going to launch its first product Virtual Reality Headset Oculus startting price worth 199$. Facebook in its blog post says as,” Oculus is our first product that is going to launch in market, this is the easiest way of entering in virtual reality”. In this upcoming year, the price of virtual reality headset start as 199 dollar (approximately £149). In this VR, you will get chance to watch film, concert, can play a game and  can enjoy with your friends with this VR.

This VR headset can run without plugging it into a mobile or personal computer. This VR is different from facebook previous product Oculus rift.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces this product in the event in California, San hoje on 11 October 2017 he says that,”This VR gone a be one of the cheapest product and could be launch in any days of next year”. He is expecting that more than millions of people are going to connect with this VR set. Oculus Go VR headset includes high resolution fast switch LCD screen display that helps in visualizing the things more clearly. This headset has a camera that helps Orientational Tracking. headset also includes a speaker and for personal use it has 3.5 mm headphone jack.

We are expecting this Oculus go to be far better than other VR set. We think when this headset launches in the market, people are going to spend much more time in its.