KMC implemented Smart Parking in Newroad Kathmandu

smart parking in newroad

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) along with the collaboration of Wheels Truly Yours PVT Ltd. to implement Smart Parking in Newroad Kathmandu from Jestha 15, 2076. KMC aims to implement the smart parking system in five different places of Kathmandu from the beginning of Nepali New year. Newroad, Kathmandu is one of the places where Smart Parking should implement and it is in the initial phase.

The first week will be the implementation testing period where a vehicle owner can park their vehicle for around 15 minutes and for free,” said Harish Agrawal IT Engineer at Wheels Truly Yours PVT Ltd. After 1 week of the initial period, KMC to charge Rs.25/hr for a two-wheeler, Rs.60/hr for four-wheelers and Rs.200/hr for more than six-wheelers. The charge might be updated later.

Any riders or vehicle owner can check the parking place around Smart parking whether the area is available or not, through the mobile application called “Park KTM” available in your phone App store. Anyone can check out the available space around and can book the parking area before the arrival. The time duration of the booking is 15 min.

Download the PARK KTM mobile application:

Bishal Bazar, Rameshwor sweets, Dharmapath, Pako and RB Complex is the five places around Newroad where the Smart Parking system is to be implemented.

The smart parking feature will be implemented from 9 AM – 9 PM, 12 hours a day. 14 staffs were recruited to manage and maintain the Smart Parking system in these areas. At each interval of time, 800 two-wheelers and 40 four-wheelers or more can be parked with Smart Parking.

Newroad area is a too crowded place of Kathmandu, managing the traffic is not easy. So, implementing Smart Parking will surely help all the vehicle owner and Pedestrian to easily accommodate in such as busy and overcrowded area.

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