List of Smartphones you can buy in Nepal in 2018 | Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi

List of Smartphones you can buy in Nepal

In 2018, many people started using the smartphones and started looking for the new technology. So, here we listed out the price of all smartphones that you can buy in Nepal in 2018. Here we listed the smartphones along with the price from popular companies such as Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, Sony, Tecno and Many more. As company is launching their smartphones may be in every week or may be in every month, here is the list of all smartphones that were launched in Nepal before the date October 6, 2018. The price listed over here is M.R.P price so, make sure you ask for the discount while purchasing any smartphones from any of the company.

Apple iPhones Price in Nepal.

Apple iPhones:

Price in Nepal:

Apple iPhone X (256GB) Rs.167000
Apple iPhone X (64GB) Rs.146000
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) Rs.112500
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) Rs.136000
Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) Rs.98500
Apple iPhone 8 (256GB) Rs.119500
Apple iPhone 7 (256GB) Rs.103000
Apple iPhone 7 (32GB) Rs.65000
Apple iPhone 6 (32GB) Rs.45000
Apple iPhone 6s (32GB) Rs.55000
Apple iPhone 6s Plus (32GB) Rs.65000
Apple iPhone SE (64GB) Rs.52500
Apple iPhone 5S: Rs.30000

List of Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal 2018

Price in Nepal.
Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime: Rs.7990
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro: Rs.14290
Samsung Galaxy J2 2016: Rs.11490
Samsung Galaxy J2 Ace: Rs.13190
Samsung Galaxy J2 2018: Rs.14590
Samsung Galaxy J2 2015: Rs.10990
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core: Rs.11690
Samsung Galaxy J4 (16GB): Rs.17290
Samsung Galaxy J4 (32GB): Rs.20690
Samsung Galaxy J6 (32GB): Rs.24790
Samsung Galaxy J6 (64GB): Rs.29090
Samsung Galaxy J8: Rs.33490
Samsung Galaxy A6: Rs.39890
Samsung Galaxy A6+: Rs.44390
Samsung Galaxy A8 Star: Rs.59900
Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus: Rs.59900
Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo (16GB): Rs.18390
Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo (32GB): Rs.20990
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: Rs.23990
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2: Rs.27990
Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo: Rs.28990
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro: Rs.30900
Samsung Galaxy ON7 Pro: Rs.15790
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro: Rs.39900
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro: Rs.49990
Samsung Galaxy S8: Rs.69900
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Rs.79900
Samsung Galaxy S9: Rs.87900
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (64GB): Rs.99900
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (128GB): Rs.104900
Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Rs.109900

List of Oppo Mobile Price in Nepal

Models Price in Nepal
Oppo A37: Rs.15590
Oppo A71 (2GB): Rs.15990
Oppo A71 (3GB): Rs.20490
Oppo F1S(32GB): Rs.27490
Oppo F1S (64GB): Rs.28990
Oppo A57: Rs.24990
Oppo A83 (3GB): Rs.24990
Oppo A83 (4GB): Rs.27490
Oppo F3: Rs.31590
Oppo F5 Youth: Rs.27990
Oppo F3 Plus: Rs.54990
Oppo F5 (32GB): Rs.33990
Oppo F5 (64GB): Rs.44990
Oppo F7 (4GB/64GB): Rs.36590
Oppo F7 (6GB/128GB): Rs.46590
Oppo F7 Youth: Rs.31590
Oppo A3s: Rs.19490
Oppo F9: Rs.41590

List of TECNO Mobile Price in Nepal

TECNO Smartphones:
Price in Nepal (M.R.P)
TECNO Spark Pro
TECNO Camon CX Air
TECNO Camon i Air
TECNO Camon i2
TECNO Camon i

List of UMIDIGI Mobile Price in Nepal

UMIDIGI Smartphones: Price in Nepal:
UMIDIGI London (1GB/8GB): Rs.9114
UMIDIGI London (3GB/16GB): Rs.10900
UMIDIGI G Smart: Rs.14900
UMIDIGI C Note: Rs.20900
UMIDIGI Crystal: Rs.25900 Rs.22499 (Buy Now)
UMIDIGI Z1 Pro: Rs.45900 Rs.39999 (Buy Now)
UMIDIGI S2 Pro: (Full Details) Rs.54900 Rs.47999 (Buy Now)
UMIDIGI Z2 Pro: (Full Details) Rs.52900 (Glass Body) / Rs.58900 (Ceramic Body)

Sony Mobile Price in Nepal

Latest Sony Mobiles Sony Mobiles Price in Nepal
Sony Xperia XZ1 Rs.55,000
Sony Xperia XZ Premium Rs.65,000
Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Rs.38,500
Sony Xperia XA1 Rs.24,000
Sony Xperia L1 Rs.17,000
Sony Xperia X Rs.28,500
Sony Xperia XA Ultra Rs. 26,000
Sony Xperia XA Rs.15,000
Sony Xperia C5 Rs. 39,500

List of Xiaomi Mobile Price in Nepal


Xiaomi Redmi Models MRP Price:
Redmi 6 Rs.16,499 (32GB), Rs.18499 (64GB)
Redmi 6A Rs.12999
Redmi S2(3GB+32GB) Rs.21,999
Redmi S2 Rs. 26,999
Redmi Note 5 AI (3GB +32GB) Rs. 25,999
Redmi Note 5 AI Rs. 29,999
Redmi 5 Plus (4GB/64GB) Rs.24,999
Redmi 5 Plus (3GB/32GB) Rs.20,999
Redmi 5 (2GB/16GB) Rs. 17,499
Redmi 5A Rs.13,500
Redmi Note 5A Prime Rs. 17,499
Redmi Note 5A Rs.14,999
Redmi 3s Prime Rs.15,499
Redmi Note 4 (3GB/32GB) Rs.18,999
Redmi Note 4 (4GB/64GB) Rs. 20,999
Redmi 4A(2GB/32GB) Rs.12,999
Redmi 4A (2GB/16GB) Rs.11,499
Xiaomi Mi Phones MRP Price:
Mi 4 Rs. 17,999
Mi Max Rs. 31,999
Mi 5 Rs. 33,999
Mi 5S Rs.36,999
Mi Mix: Rs.61,999
Mi Note 2 Rs.59,999
Mi 5S Plus Rs.39,999
Mi 6 (6GB RAM + 64GB) Rs.48,999
Mi Max 2 Rs.34,999
Mi 6 (6GB + 128GB) Rs. 57,999
Mi A1 Rs.24,499
Mi Mix 2 Rs.63,999
Mi A2 Rs.63,999

Vivo Mobile price in Nepal

Models  M.R.P Price in Nepal
VIVO V9 Rs. 41.990
VIVO V9 YOUTH Rs. 31,490
VIVO V7 Rs. 27,290
VIVO Y71 Rs. 17,890
VIVO Y53 Rs. 14,690
VIVO Y65 Rs. 18,890


Nokia Mobile Price in Nepal

Nokia 7 Plus:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 46,899

Nokia 6.1:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 29,399 (3/32GB) Rs. 34,499(4/64GB)

Nokia 6:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 22,999

Nokia 5:

Price in Nepal: Rs.18,499

Nokia 3:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 13,999

Nokia 2:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 11,499

Nokia 1:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 9,325

Nokia 230:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 6,315

Nokia 3310:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 5,255

Nokia 105 (2017):

Price in Nepal: Rs. 1700

Nokia 130 (2017):

Price in Nepal: Rs. 25,00

Nokia 8:

Price in Nepal: Rs. 40,923

Nokia Lumia 435:

Price in Nepal: Rs.4,400

Nokia Lumia 532:

Price in Nepal: Rs.5,200


OnePlus Mobile Price in Nepal

Model MRP Price:
OnePlus 6 Rs. 71,000 (6GB / 64GB Rs. 91,000 (8GB / 128GB)
OnePlus 5T Rs. 72,900 (8GB / 128GB)Rs. 64,900 (6GB / 64GB)
OnePlus 5 Rs. 69,500 (8GB / 128GB)Rs. 59,500 (6GB / 64GB)
OnePlus 3T Soft Gold -Rs. 43,000
OnePlus 3T Gunmetal Rs. 49,000
OnePlus 3 Rs. 39,000


Huawei Mobile Price in Nepal


1. Huawei Mate 10 Pro


Price in Nepal: Rs.1,03,900

2. Huawei P20 Pro


Price in Nepal: Rs.99,900

3. Huawei Nova 3e


Price in Nepal: Rs.38,500

4. Huawei Nova 2i


Price in Nepal: Rs.32,900

5. Huawei Y9 2018


Price in Nepal: Rs. 25,900

6. Huawei Y7 Pro 2018


Price in Nepal: Rs. 22,500

7. Huawei Y6 Prime


Price in Nepal: Rs. 17,900

8. Huawei Y5 Prime

Price in Nepal: Rs. 14,900

Huawei Y5 II: Rs. 11,250

9. Huawei Y3 2018

Price in Nepal: Rs. 11,400

Price : Rs. 10,700 (2017)

Y3 II: Rs.8,650

10. Huawei Y7 Prime

Price in Nepal: Rs.24,900



LAVA Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Price in Nepal
LAVA IRIS 88 Rs. 14,290
LAVA IRIS 65 Rs. 9,699
LAVA R3 Rs. 19,999
LAVA IRIS 50 (2GB/16GB) Rs. 9,999
LAVA IRIS 50 (1GB/8GB) Rs. 8,799
LAVA IRIS 41 Rs. 7,499
LAVA IRIS 30 Rs. 5,299
LAVA IRIS R1 Rs. 13,999
LAVA IRIS 80 Rs. 10,499