Opera to release a new mobile web browser Opera Touch, for one-handed use

One handed web browser, Opera Touch

With the advanced features, Opera is about to launch the brand new mobile browser for Android, Opera Touch. Opera Touch, is the browser that insures the users to share the content between smartphone and desktop browser.

The main aspect of this browser is to make the users to feel comfortable while using the browser. As, Opera touch is so manipulated that, now can easily handled the browser with One hand.

Opera touch is so programmed that, whenever you open the browser with Opera touch it directly activates the search field and keyboard. This enables you to get started with typing. We could notice the FAB (Fast Action Button) at the bottom of the browser. When you press and hold it,this option enables user to do the frequently used tasks in browser such as:- reloading the page, switching tabs and going back.

Other feature, which is must in every browser is to protect the phone from virus which is coming from unknown ads. So, this browser has options like ad-blocker and cryptojacking protection. You can also used Opera touch for QR and barcode scanner. Dynamic speed dial feature is also available in the browser.

Another exciting feature is Flow, which is used to send the links from mobile browser to desktop browser and vice versa. In order to make a connection, One can scan the QR code and get connected. No any account is preferred for syncing. When you are successfully connected, you can acess it by using the FAB menu.

As Opera updated Opera touch, You can now acess the Opera Touch from Windows, Mac and Linux.