Tired of Slow Internet? This Genius Invention is Just For You

10x your Internet Speed! 


Are you frustrated by your slow Internet Connection? Don’t worry! This genius invention is just for you.
Thousands of people have provided feedback on how this genius device has changed their Internet experience,
and now you can too…
You may be upset with your slow connection. Even when you’re browsing YouTube or trying to load pictures of your friends in Instagram, you may be facing a problem and the video may be buffering.
Now I want you to do one thing.
Imagine scrolling through your phone and watching every videos you want without any buffer. Imagine watching high quality videos from 720p to 1080p or even 4K. Imagine your download speed is 10x faster than usual. Wouldn’t that be great?
Now release everything you imagined just now. See how your current connection is. Is it fast? Is it smooth?
If your answer is No, what are you waiting for?
There’s something missing in between your current slow Internet speed and your imaginative one,
and that missing element is….

‘WiFi Ultra Boost – WiFi Repeater’













This tiny device can change everything!

After all, “Good things come in small packages”


See Ultra-boost Test in Action:


No More Laggy Internet! No More Frustration!


What does Ultra-boost Lack?

In my opinion, nothing! All you have to do is plug in this device into your socket. Compatible with any Internet router, no installation CD necessary, along with transfer rate of 300 Mbps, and also an easy installation guide, what do you think this device probably lacks?

How much does Ultra-Boost cost?

With it original price being $82.99, it costs about Rs. 9409.41 here in Nepal. However, with our special discount link, you can get up to 40% discount for online users, which is just about $49 (Rs. 5,55.62 NPR). Wow! Isn’t that affordable?
So what else do you need to think to think? It’s already worth it!