Third-Generation Apple AirPods? Are the Rumors True?

Is the third-generation apple air pods a hoax?

Revealed by the renowned Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo mentioned in the early 2019’s that the 2020 Apple AirPods may come in an “all-new design”. No further details were queried.

What makes us believe that small statement made by the analyst is because earlier, Kuo was right about  the second-generation AirPods offering a new chip, wireless charging case and Bluetooth 5.0.

However, on the launch event hosted on September, Apple made no mention about Apple AirPods 3 which kept the question in everyone’s mind ringing if the rumors of the third-gen air pods were either true or were they really just rumors.

With the Apple AirPods 2 being announced on March 20 following the current year, it actually makes sense for Apple to not even make an iota of mention about the 2020 Apple AirPods. The Apple AirPods 2 featured a new H1 for faster connectivity chipset, Hey Siri command and enhanced talk time which came with an optional wireless charging case. The third-gen airpods is expected to have more.

Leakage Information

A photography was leaked on the Internet which is supposedly said to have been the 2020 Airpods. The image may be a pinch blur but it does resemble an AirPod case resting on a smartphone. The picture also captioned, “new airpod prototype”



Possibly the new air-pods is believed to be out by the late 2019 or early 2020’s but the question still remains because there aren’t any official statements made by Apple itself. The 2020 Apple AirPods is expected to feature a new design, water resistance & noise-cancellation.
The hype exists. Excitement abides. The mystery goes on, ‘Are the rumours true?’









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