Without Loosing quality how to compress image in your Android

Lets have a look on full post, on how to compress image file without loosing its original quality.

I think in this world, more than 50% are Android users. Everyone loves to take a high quality pictures,selfies from your smartphone time to time, But sometime clicking such high quality pictures covers up your storage with very few items and irritates you. So, if possible I know you want to compressed such image size. But how to compress?
Sometime, transferring files from social media covers a lot memory in your smartphone, so in order to free some space in your smartphone you compress images in your Android phone.

There is not only a single apps that is used for compressing images. There are other few such application such as:
1. Compress image
2. Photoczip-compress resize
4.Fotos und Bilder Verkleinern
5.Cram-Reduce Pictures
6.Reduce Photo Size

To compress your image without affecting your quality is really simple and easy. Follow the steps.
Step 1:- Download the app called Photo Compress in your Android phone.

Step 2:- After downloading and installing the app, run it. You will find an option as “Pick an image from gallery” ,”or, capture an image using camera” and compress multiple photos.

Step 3:- After selecting any of options, you will be redirect to next screen, where you need to select compress image option.

Step 4:- Select the quality.

That’s it now you are able to compress your image without afffecting its quality. Good news you got an idea on how to save memory.

These are also apps you can try for compressing image. Try it these are also very easy to use.