Bitcoin price reached $16,000 almost hits $16,800

Popular cryptocurrency bitcoin price is increasing day by day through this year. This time the price rate of Bitcoin has crossed $16,000 nearly hits $16,800 today (Friday).

Bitcoin price reached $16,000 almost hits $16,800
Today in this post we are going to talk about popular cryptocurrency now in the world, Bitcoin. Bitcoin, it’s a virtual currency that has been introduced in 2009 on the based of peer to peer (P2P) system. To introduce such coin in the world, computer guru Satoshi Nakamoto referred as pseudonym creates a very complex mathematical formula. Such coins are not legally valid to perform a transactions as because, such currency has not a centralized authority to control. Bitcoin a popular cryptocurrency and is hiking its rate daily. If such price rate hikes day by day then instead of dollar people are gonna use this cryptocurrency as primary currency in their day to day life.

According to CoinMarketCap, the bitcoin is trading at $16,889.70 on friday and that results increament of market value by more than $250 billion. But this coin is not legal in few countries , these currency were banned for transactions and these countries are:-  China, Nepal, India, Bolivia, Russia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ecuador , ICELAND etc.

The rate of this cryptocurrency is increasing by 1500% and broke several records in a few hours.

Data of this highest growing cryptocurrency in over the world.

And on sunday the rate of Bitcoin is 15,720