Top New Features in Apple iOS 13 | WWDC 2019

iOS 13

iOS 13 is coming along with a new and exciting block of surprises. On the stage of WWDC 2019, Apple announced the next biggest release of iOS, iOS 13. Apple tries to bring the biggest update in iOS by introducing a long list of additional countenance and enhancing the old features. iOS 13 will give the iPhone a whole new look.

Top New Features in Apple iOS 13

Here is the list of all the features that are coming along with the iOS update in your iPhone in 2019

1.) Dark Mode:

iOS 13 Dark Mode
iOS 13 Dark Mode

This is the first time, Apple is introducing Dark Mode in iPhone. This feature made your wide Apple system from built-in apps to system views completely Dark. The Dark mode is best color suit for the comfort of your eyes. Scrolling the Newsfeed, sliding the gestures and looking the Dark color scheme applications gives you the different comfortness while working around with your device.

You can schedule the Dark Mode in your phone according to your time, wherever and whenever you want. Dark Wallpapers in the phone is automated. Any developers can integrate the API of Dark mode to enhance their applications.

2.) Camera:

iOS 13 camera
iOS 13 Camera

iOS 13 brings out some new enhances to its Camera, by adjusting the position and portrait lightning intensity. You can move around the object either takes closer or away or hover around, there is no complaint on getting the un-clickable pictures.

3.) Photos:

Apple manages to adjust the photo gallery of your phone in a systematic and a intelligent way. You will be hovering around your phone in a curious manner, as the algorithms will automatically detects the similar shots and clutter, creates the timeline of your photo gallery, photos introduction (such as: title, address), automatically detects the face of people in Birthday gallery, combines multiple words and enables the new way of searching and even more advanced equip are available that can customizes your device photo album.

4.) Privacy and Security:

iOS 13 sign in with Apple
Sign in With Apple ID

Apple new API does not let any other applications to ping you a message asking for data location whenever you open and no third-party application is allowed to track your location without your consent using Bluetooth and Wifi. Apple new “Sign In with Apple” features let you log into different applications and websites and skip up the form filling procedure. You can simply sign in with your Apple ID.

5.) Maps:

iOS 13 Maps
New Street Maps

The fully rebuilt Maps of the phone becomes even fancier as it now shows the complete destination of roads, beaches, parks, buildings, and more. The collection of frequently visited places can be shared with your friends. Maps now access you the real-time transit, Siri works even more naturally as instead of calculating the distance for turning left or right, it automatically detects the signboard or any terminating point and guides you accordingly. The new rebuilt Maps in iPhone works as Google street. The features are currently available in the US region only, by the year 2020 the features will be available in all over the country.

6.) Siri

The working mechanism of Siri becomes even more natural and works perfectly with any third party applications. Siri lacks while speaking the long phrase and do not preview the suggestions according to your interest in any version of iOS 12. In iOS 13, the problem is somehow solved and works smoothly whether it’s a long or a short phrase. New Indian English voice option is also available in it now.

7.) Photo and Video Editing Tools

You can present and store the beautiful images and videos with the enhanced Photo and Video editing tools now available in iOS 13. The new features and filter effects available in these editing tools help you to beautify and edit your video. Everything you can do with photos now can be done with Video too. You can crop, resize and apply the different filter effects on it.

8.) Performance Improvements:

Apps Performance improvements
Enjoy the applications more faster and efficiently

The iPhone now has 30% quicker face unlocking features, by the 60% memory sizes reduces and also the application download sizes reduces 50% with the unique application packaging.

Some Additional Features in Apple iOS 13 are:

iOS 13
Apple enhance Memoji and Messages
  • Remainders: The quick toolbar available right after, helps you to organize and track them accordingly. It is now easier to add times, dates, locations and flags.
  • Memoji and Messages: Users can have the trillion of Memoji with different hairstyles, headwear, and makeup. Responding to messages become even more classy but introducing the automatic Users’ response with the user’s name and photo.
  • Carplay: Siri now supports the third-party Navigations and audio applications, the maps set the new dashboard that is easier to customize and use.
  • Quick Path, Text Editing, Files, Health alerts and Location services are some features that are coming along with Apple iOS 13.

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