Tech News- Dhunibeshi Municipality of Dhading launched Mobile Application called “Dhunibeshi Municipality”

Dhunibeshi Municipality of Dhading finally launched a mobile application so called “Dhunibeshi Municipality” to make day to day life easier and convenient. With this application now local people of Dhading can get information of lately running projects and implementation of new systems and rule in the municipality.

Nowadays, everyone has smartphone in their hand. So, launching this application makes  people easier to get the knowledge of municipality, their ongoing projects and many more.

As per the Bal Krishna Acharya, Mayor of Dhunibeshi Municipality this mobile application gives the knowledge and information regarding the birth registration, death, accidents, plans for the municipality and progressing data. Through this application, you also can get the information of government workers who are currently appointed in their municipality.

Local people of this Municipality can also complaints about the problems that they are facing and suggestion for the improvement and upgrade of their municipality to the head.

The main features of this Mobile Application are:

  1. Browse citizen charter( nagarik wadapatra) easily and quickly
  2.  View location of wada karyalaya in an interactive map visualization along with the representatives of the particular ward
  3.  View description related to rajasho dastur
  4. Stay updated with Dhunibeshi’s news and events
  5. Get information about the staffs of Dhunibeshi Municipality
  6. Get idea about Dhunibeshi’s plans and projects related information
  7. View important phone numbers of Dhunibeshi all at one place
  8. Get information about the representatives of Dhunibeshi Municipality
  9. Register your complaint and suggestions regarding Dhunibeshi Municipality
  10. View laws description

Download the Application