Honor New Smartwatch Release Date Price and Specifications

Huawei is much keen towards the devices it releases so as it has a reputation with the brand Honor as well. The Honor smartphones are quite popular because of the futuristic designs and impressive features, whereas Huawei has not restricted itself to the smartphones only and has made the name with the multiple reliable devices like laptops, tablets, and smartwatches.

The smartwatch trend is not going to vanish as this gadget has taken over the market by storm. Apple has launched its Apple Watch Series 4 eventually Samsung has come up with the Galaxy Watch 46mm and Galaxy Watch 42mm in 2018. All of this has initiated the high demand for the smartwatches which was already scrutinized by the Huawei and it recently launched its Watch GT subsequently we are about to witness the Honor smartwatch very soon in Nepal.

Design and Display

Honor has posted a teaser image with the letters M and W in which the W in the teaser reflects the Honor Watch and M is the upcoming flagship of Honor Magic 2. The teaser has dropped the hints of round shape whereas, the Honor partnership with Tesla indicates the watch as a limited edition. The design and look cannot be described yet as there is no image leak of the watch but the speculations are that it would a replicate of Huawei Watch GT.


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Release Date : 21st Jan 2019