Insta360 One X Action Camera Full Specifications and Price in Nepal

Photography element is indeed a much-infused element in our daily lives. Capturing moments has become a trend and necessity to keep the memories saved for which cameras have much evolved and transformed. From DSLR cameras to the action cameras modification has made many categories in the camera formulation. Action cameras are specially designed cameras to capture the adventurous, sporty and exciting moments because of the motion and frequent movements, with the advancement these are manufactured with the ultra-high motion control technology for better results.

Price in Nepal around : Rs. 80000

The newly launched action camera Insta360 One X in Nepal has made roars because of its smart and prior features which include higher resolution and advance specifications makes the 360-degree action camera ultimately the best among its rivals. The success of the Insta360 cameras can be calculated by this only that Insta360 cameras are certified by Google as being “street view ready” and Apple began carrying the brand’s cameras at its physical and online store.


There is a series of actions cameras released earlier by Insta360 Chinese camera manufacturer with the name of Insta360 One, NanoS, Nano, Air, Pro and Pro 2. The recently released Insta360 One X is the inspired version from Insta360 One.  The company formed in 2014 but releasing the panoramic 360 action cameras from 2016 with improved and productive designing for better photography. The Insta360 One X has the body in the cylindrical shape with the smooth curves around easily fits in the hand because of the sleek and handy body it feels like a smartphone.  It has the two fisheye lenses implanted together for the better results and a tiny LCD display as well for the timely updates.

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It has the 200-degree ultra-wide fish lenses, 1/2.3 inches Sony CMOS sensor with the F2.0 larger aperture installed in the 3.2-ounce ultra slim and seamless black body of 28mm crafted for durability, impact-resistance, and temperature regulation focused to keep the feather-light body. Moreover, immaculate with the 1200 mAh battery with the 60 minutes nonstop shooting and 128GB of storage capacity.


The Insta360 One X has captured the hearts in Nepal and all over the world because of its delightful and extraordinary photography results. The flow state stabilization makes the video smooth without the extra jerking and shaking of camera during motion, pair it up with the selfie stick which transforms the Insta360 One X into the flying camera to capture the 360 degree videos and the magic element is that the selfie stick will be invisible in your shots, the high dynamic range shooting mode features delivers the true lighting videos with sharp and bright colors.

Furthermore, it has the ability to highlight the key moments with cinematic slow-motion, or speed things up with a stabilized hyper-lapse, bullet time and drifter accessory for impossible shots, tracking of journey with on-screen stats like speed, altitude, and direction, with dive case take the camera deeper into the sea for the exceptional underwater photography, easy transfer of the pictures through Wi-Fi and cable adapter and edit directly without the time-consuming stitching and additionally it has the right tool accessory specially designed for every adventure.