Rise of Telecommunication Service Charge is demoted in previous rate

Government of Nepal has increased the Telecommunication service charge while allocating the budget for the fiscal year 2074/75. Government tag the 13% of tax to Internet service provider (ISP’s) but not to the users or customers.In order to cover up the 13% government tax, ISP tag the same rate of tax to their Internet users. But internet users doesn’t seems to be happy or satisfied in paying the 13% extra internet charge. So, with the pressure from Internet Price revision Committee, public and different campaign now Internet users do not need to pay 13% tax which  government embedded to ISP but not to the users.

When government issued the notice regarding the price hike of internet  to the ISP, ISP suddenly increase the same rate of service charge to their Internet users. With the huge pressure from Public, different campaign and mainly government it came to conclusion that now users don’t need to pay the extra internet charge. There is no involvement of government in between the ISP and users. So, ISP is still responsible in paying the 13% tax to government.

The internet price hiking agreement is made after having the short meeting between different ISP company and Ministry of Industry and Communications, where ministers of Industry and Communication pressurized the ISP’s to not to increase the price rate to the users.

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