Most searched keyword in Google in first week of 2018

Most searched keyword in Google in first week of 2018
So, lets have a look on top most searched keywords in google in the first week of 2018. Google has already published the most searched keywords of 2017, in which “Caribbean Irma” is the most searched keyword in Google. In September 2017, some area of Caribbean is affected by huge big hurricane called as “Irma”. Many properties were destroyed as because of this hurricane.

Google is the great internet platform for researching,Entertaining and knowing interesting facts,truth,latest news and updates of all over the world. Daily thousands of keywords are searched in Google. Google is one of the most growing worldwide popular internet platform, where we found everything that we searched. Besides there are other search engine like yahoo, bing, firefox ,safari etc.

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Here’s is the list of top most searched keyword in Google in the first week of 2018.
1.Gym Near Me,
1.iPhone 8,
2.iPhone X,
3. Matt Lauer,
4. Meghan Markle,
5.13 Reasons Why,
6. Tom petty,
7. Fidget spinner,
8. Chester Benington,
9. India National Cricket team,
10.Super Bowl,

11. How to Loose weight,

We just mentioned out Top 10 most searced keyword in this topic. To know more trending keywords now in Google you can go through :

In this year many visitors in google wants to change his/her body structure as because  many people start searching for diet plan, Gym, Body Building, How to loose weight, people started searching for the nearest Gym as a keyword “Gym Near Me”.

Similarly, People started searching for the snowfall places, in order to play with snow. So, On this year many people are planning to visit snowing places rather than sunny or cold place.

Above mentioned keywords are just trending keywords in the first week of 2018. Besides these there are numerous number of keyword that people are looking daily in Google. With such trends people started making youtube videos related to above keywords.